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50 Facts About Me

People watching is one of my favorite past times. I love going to the mall, the park, or a concert (the best place in my opinion) and just sitting back and observing everyone. It’s weird how much you can learn about a person through little behaviors.

It’s like everyone always talks about how different a friendship becomes once you live with someone. Then you see their real colors. All their habits, routines, quirks, and the way they go about routine daily tasks. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing roommate who accepts all of my weird quirks and routines and loves me for them anyway.

Here are some of my interesting facts that aren’t typically included in the about me tab on a blog as a way to get to know the girl behind the blog a little better.

50 Facts about me

1.     I hate chocolate. Never liked it, never will
2.     I have two younger brothers, Nick and Christopher! Nick is adopted from Russia
3.     I am extremely indecisive, cannot make a decision to save my life
4.     I have a schnoodle puppy named Cooper (named after the car)
5.     My favorite color is pink, however Navy is a very close second
6.     I’m a night showerer, I can’t stand getting into bed dirty
7.     I’m a night owl
8.     I’d rather wake up early than sleep in super late
9.     My collection of Nike shorts is quite impressive
10.  When I’m working on a project I get visions of how I want the finished product to look and I get frustrated when it doesn’t turn out like that
11. My planner holds my life and keeps me sane, especially during the school year
12.  I like to think I have my whole life planned out, I’m aware it probably wont end up going my way
13. I love stupid reality TV (Honey Boo Boo, Bachelor, Long Island Medium)
14. I hate hate hate birds
15. If I could, I would have a professional do my hair everyday
16. I can’t go to sleep with my room messy
17. I typically change my outfit multiple times before I find an acceptable one (thank goodness for a patient roommate)
18. I’m a TERRIBLE texter/snap chatter/ replier in general
19. I am obsessed with traveling and I’m counting down the days until I get to study abroad
20. I get my best ideas in the shower
21. I get uncomfortable talking about boys/ my relationship with them
22. I feel naked and self conscious without earrings on
23. I have extremely thick hair
24. 8th grade was definitely my awkward stage #hellobraces
25. I like the mountains better than the beach
26. I suck at keeping up with celebrities lives
27. I can’t sing a tune to save my life (doesn't seem to stop me from singing though)
28. I care about what people think of me probably too much
29. I stress about EVERYTHING. Every.little.thing.
30. I fell in the mall when I was little and had to get stitches on my chin
31. I’m very short, 5’1.
32. I wish I was more adventurous with trying new food
33. I love receiving mail (emails or letters) but don’t like replying
34. I’m a terrible chef
35. I’m extremely good at directions
36. Relationships scare me (more like terrify)
37. Forth of July is my favorite holiday
38. I hate when I lose something, I go crazy until I find it and usually make everyone stop what they’re doing to help
39. It annoys me when people get “your” and “you’re” mixed up
40. I want to adopt a little boy or girl from Africa when I grow up
41. I have terrible hand writing (it looks like a little boys)
42. I’m very competitive
43. I want to travel to all 7 continents (I’ve been to 3! Africa, Europe, and North America)
44. I love doing adventurous things (zip lining, white water rafting, repelling, indoor skydiving, ride a Segway)
45. One of my favorite places in the world is Garmish, Germany
46. I’m a pretty decent skier if I do say so myself
47. My dad is a pilot
48. My family is huge University of Michigan fans #goblue
49. I’m a sucker for a good proposal video (try this website)
50. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason





  1. What a cute list! I can totally relate to #11 & #12! But in reality I can relate to the whole list!
    Germany is one of my favorite places too, I'll be heading to Spain in September and can't wait to visit my family in Essen again!

  2. Night showerers unite! LOL! I'm totally a night showerer too. I don't want to take the grime of the day into my bed with me!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  3. Weird. I've always hated chocolate, I'm a 5'3 blonde, I take showers and clean my room at night, love my Lilly agenda to DEATH, worry about every little thing, and right now Michigan is my top choice...not to mention countless others on the list!