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Dorm Room Ideas

Fun fact: when I was younger I thought I wanted to be an interior designer. I used to watch hours of HGTV and then find floor plans online of our families dream house and plan out each room and then present them to my mom. My dream slowly transformed into wanting to be an architect. I specifically remember long car rides taking a pad of paper and designing super crazy floor plans of houses that contained lazy rivers and water slides and lots of secret doorways. Long story short, my dream has evolved again.

Today, there is no way I could be an interior designer. I am far from a professional, however I think it’s really fun to do on the side. I dream about owning my own apartment someday and decorating it exactly how I want. I loved planning out my dorm room last year and this year I’m shooting for a more simplistic look! We’ll see how it goes.

Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired to decorate such a little space. This year my dorm room is even smaller than last year ( I know right?!). It’s a challenging space because it’s such an awkward layout. I struggled with ideas and color schemes I wanted to go for this year while incorporating most of the stuff I used last year so as not to break the bank. I decided to create some dorm room color schemes that I’m loving right now to help inspire you!

I hope this helps you inspire you for your own dorm room! 

What color scheme do you think I'll go with?





  1. I love all of these! So much pretty!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. I love all of these ideas! I can definitely see you having the pink and gold theme though! It's too cute!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  3. My little sister is going to college this fall and she will love these ideas! I can't wait to show her, thanks :)


  4. I still have another year before college but I love reading some of your dorm room post to start getting ideas! I already know I want Lilly Pulitzer bedding just like I currently have in my bedroom!


  5. The monogrammed bedding is actually the exact same one that I have in my room & I love it!

  6. Love these ideas! So cute!