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Giveaway || Evelyn Henson Print

So if you’ve you read my blog for any amount of time, you might understand my obsession with Furman. I absolutely love my school and after just one year, I’ve decided I never want to leave. Right before school got out I got accepted into the ambassador program at school (the people who give the tours) and I literally couldn’t have been more thrilled. Bragging about how great Furman is? I can do that!

Now you have a little bit of an understanding how my deep love for Furman is, you can probably imagine the excitement I felt when I found out that one of my favorite artists went to Furman! I found Evelyn through Instagram and immediately became obsessed with her gorgeous prints. After a few months of swooning over all of her work, I discovered she went to school at Furman and has since graduated.

I quickly emailed her and luckily those emails turned into a giveaway for you! We’re giving away one of my absolute favorite print of hers. The "Summer Reading List" print would go perfect in a home office, college dorm room, bedroom; honestly it could look good anywhere. It’s so cute and simple and I love the choice of words.

Be sure to explore some of Evelyn’s others works of art! She has so many other prints that are simply perfect! I’ll take one of each please!

via Instagram

This would look adorable in a bed room or not to mention a dorm room! Make sure to enter!





  1. This is absolutely adorable! Wonderful print. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Oooh, I have been looking for another print for my reading nook! This would be perfect! Fingers crossed!
    Erika W.

  3. I absolutely love her prints! Thanks for introducing them to me! SOOOOO obsessed!