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Travel Bug

Recently I’ve been plagued with a major travel bug. I’m not sure if it’s my increased time on pinterest (LOL), seeing all the insta and facebook pictures from everyone on their summertime vacations, or me just seeking an adventure.

I lived in Germany for 3 years around middle school and that was just the start of my travel obsession. I was lucky enough that my parents love traveling just as much as me, so we took full advantage of living in Europe and traveled somewhere different as often as possible. Some of my favorite childhood memories occured on the Islands off of Greece, at the Pyramids in Egypt, and while exploring the streets of Venice with my family! Hard 3 years right?!

I’ve always taken school extremely seriously (possibly a little too seriously) so I haven’t really had the chance in the last few years to travel abroad. The last time I was in Europe was my 10th grade spring break for my 16th birthday. I was so scared about missing any class that I even went to school the day of our flight to squeeze in one last class!

I think every day for the last 2 weeks I’ve told my mom to buy me a plane ticket and send me off to Greece. And every day she laughs and tells me to go find the money tree. Until I study abroad (I’m thinking junior year!) pinterest will have to do.

Italian Coast 

Santorini, Greece

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Venice, Italy

Stockholm, Sweden 

Bastia, Corsica, France

Doesn't it look like a dream? Ugh, I'm dying to get to Europe again! 

Does anyone else have the travel bug like me?!




P.S. I also found this amazing Tumblr blog that has the coolest travel pics! I could spend hours on it!


  1. I studied abroad last fall in London as a college sophomore and LOVED every minute of it! Definitely recommend it, especially if you've traveled before ;)

  2. I ALWAYS get the summer travel bug, and your first two pictures are not helping, lol! Gorgeous. I wish I cold just jump right into them.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo