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Weekend Wishlist

This weekend is filled with graduations, brunches, email catch-up, graduation parties, and I’m most excited because I’m taking an online class this weekend on photoshop!

I convinced my Dad to buy me photoshop last summer when I bought my laptop before leaving for school. I’ve messed around with the program a little bit but as many of you know it’s not the easiest program to learn. I’m super psyched to hopefully get a better understanding of it and learn all that it can do!

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Meanwhile while I was suppose to be returning emails I was rounding up some things that I am wishing for this weekend!

Let me know what's on your wish list this weekend!

As always, 




  1. I have tried using photoshop too, it's just a bit complicated! I wish I was better at it. I love those Hunter rainboots! I have been looking to invest in a pair of good rainboots and I love that color.

    EmilyE is for Elegance

  2. I love and want everything!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  3. I'm loving that tote - as if I needed any more encouragement! :P I love the colours of these picks by the way - so summery and happy!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  4. I love those rain boots! I'm hosting a giveawayon my blog for Essie nail polish in that exact shade!

    Toodlebelle's Blog