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 So as you know from this post or this post or if you know me in person, I am obsessed with the 4th of July. Partly because I love fireworks. Something about them is so exciting and they never get old in my opinion.

Oh and I also love it because I love red, white, and blue together. It’s probably one of my favorite outfit combinations, no matter the time of year. It usually ends up being chinos and a t-shirt because it’s so hot here, but its a classic combination that never goes out of style. Growing up, we have always traveled a lot during the summer, however no matter where we ended up over the 4th,, I made sure to drag my mom to a fireworks show. We have spent the 4th in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, D.C, Germany…the list goes on.

And of course the last (but definitely not least) reason I love the 4th of July so much is because I just love this country so much. Patriotism has always been a huge part of our family I guess partly because I’ve grown up as a military child. But, I think it’s important for everyone to be proud of our country and what we stand for.

4th of July through the years..

Clearly I have loved the holiday from the beginning…

What is your all time favorite Holiday?




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