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Secrets to curling thick hair

I have never been good at hair. I usually do the same thing every single day and I’m terrified to switch it up because I just don’t know how to do anything other than straighten it!

I have super super thick hair which makes it hard to curl. As silly as it sounds, it was actually on my summer to do list to learn how to curl my hair.

My good friend Kayla at school never believed me when I told her that I couldn’t curl my hair. I literally would go to multiple hairdressers in high school before homecoming and prom and it never failed that by picture time,  my hair had always fallen flat. It always created lots of tears and stress in our house. Determined to make my hair curl, Kayla tried it one afternoon as a method of procrastinating from papers we both had to write.

Low and behold even though every single hairdresser hadn’t figured out a way to curl my hair, kayla did!! I.was.shocked. Not only did it hold for my preference tea during rush, it was still curled the next day after sleeping on it. If I could hire her to do it every day, I would. Luckily she’s living right across the hall from me this coming school year. ;)

Anyways, this summer I was determined to learn how to do it myself. I wanted to learn how to do it myself so I didn’t always have to rely on Kayla! I had read tons of reviews online about the dry bar 3 day bender curler (I got the 1" for reference) and over spring break my mom and I visited the drybar and they suggested trying it. After doing some more research, my mom surprised me and ordered it for me last week. After a few tries and lots of practice I finally learned how to use it. I used the products Kayla suggested to make my hair hold and then the new drybar curler to curl it! I posted a picture of how it turned out on Instagram the other day and after that I have gotten multiple emails requested how I did it!

So here’s my secret! If I can make my hair curl, I promise you can too.

Here is step by step how I curl my hair:

Step one: I start out with clean hair and spray on the TRESemme heat protection spray. Then I just blow dry it (in no particular way). Honesly most of the time I just flip my hair over and just do it as quickly as possible. I hate blow drying my hair and I think of it as a chore. I typically shower at night so I blow dry my hair until it pretty dry and then go to sleep !

Step two: When I’m ready to curl my hair the next morning I spray on the TRESemme heat protection spray again just to protect my hair and I’m convinced it does something to help hold the curls.

Step three: Carly (from The College Prepster!) does a really great job explaining how to use the iron! I would also add that when you are curling a strand make sure you start out with the clap facing forward (so you can see the clamp in the mirror). I also think that it takes a few practice tries. I didin’t really get the result I wanted until after a few practice trials. Like Carly does, I suggest separating your hair into three main sections and using a claw clip to clip each section off.  

Step four: Once I finish each section I use a no crease hair tie to keep the curled section in a low pony tail away from a the uncurled hair.

Step five: Once my hair is fully curled, I spray my whole head with L’oreal extra strong hold hairspray and then run my fingers through the curls to loosen them a bit!

Ta-da! Seriously if I can curl my thick hair, you can curl yours! If you don’t have a dry bar curling iron you can also use a curling wand! 





  1. Another good tip for long thick hair is to bobby pin the ringlet to your head. I take my curling iron and let the curl fall into my hand so it makes a circle with the ringlet, then I bobby pin (still in circle formation)it to my head until I'm done doing my hair. After I'm finished I hair spray (quite a bit) and then take them all out. It's kind of hard to understand when typing it out, but I'm sure you can find some kind of YouTube video on it!


  2. This post was so helpful! As nice as it is to have stick strait thick hair it is so hard to work with, I am definitely going to try this out!
    Catherine | www.preppybythesea.blogspot.com