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The Container Store

If you ask Suz (aka my mom) what her favorite store in the whole wide world is, I guarantee she will tell you  that it’s The ContainerStore. Suz is an organizational freak, so walking into the store for her is like heaven. Everything in our house has a place, most likely in an labeled box/ bin/ container. I guess that’s probably where I got my organizational OCD from.

When we moved to Raleigh, the closets in our new house were completely empty so my mom decided to splurge and organize our closets with the Elfa system, a brand The Container Store carries. We all became completely obsessed. It is truly magical.

Before I moved into my dorm last year, my mom signed me up for the college night at The Container Store which was a blast! It’s specifically for students heading to college in the fall and need to get things for their dorm room! They offer special discounts if you attend college night and I would definitely look into finding out where the closest Container Store is to you and sign up ASAP!

We have organized basically my entire desk using a few things from the container store, my closet, and my dorm room! I used the elfa shelves under my bed in my dorm which were life saving. We put them on wheels so I could easily pull them out to get to extra storage behind my bed and they provided so much extra space ranging from headbands to extra t-shirts!

Whatever needs organizing, I guarantee you that The Container store has something that would work perfectly in your space.  

You will probably recognize a lot of these products from my dorm room last year! All their products held up so well and I will definitely be using them for the rest of my college career! 




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