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Treat by Shutterfly!

I don’t really talk being  a military child much on my blog, but in reality it is a huge part of who I am. I spent the majority of my life (so far) living on a variety of military bases where the majority of families moved every three years. You drive down the streets of housing during the summer and I’m not exaggerating when I say there are more moving trucks than cars. It’s the most depressing sight ever. You watch as numerous friends get packed up, and then in the blink of an eye, a new family moves in. Blink again and the next thing you know you’re the one moving.

It’s definitely not an easy way to grow up, but it’s all I’ve ever known. I had a group of 6 friends in 8th grade and we were all super close. Being all military children we watched as every single one of us moved and eventually all graduated from different high schools in 6 different states!

It may be hard to have to make new friends every year and go through numerous months with your dad gone, but it has truly made me a stronger person. Living in multiple places, my family has become close friends with so many other families across the globe. I have managed to keep in touch with most of my friends from all the different places we’ve lived (thank you facebook)!  

My best friend, who I met in 8th grade, flew in this week to surprise me and I realized how lucky I was that we were able to stay in touch after all these years even though we have lived to opposites sides of the world for the past few years! If you haven’t been able to tell from my Instagram, I am a huge stationery addict. I am always on the hunt for adorable note cards! I love sending random notes to friends that I may have lost touch with to let them know I’m thinking about them or even as a little reminder that I’m simply missing them!

Treat, a new company by Shutterfly which allows you to make customized cards and stationary (with your own pictures and everything!) sent me this adorable stationery that I was able to customize with my signature! All their cards are perfect for all occasions and makes it a little more special when you can customize them!

I’m already obsessed with my new cards and I’m already picking out who I’m going to send them to!

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  1. I mean this in a very kind and helpful way, but it is 'stationery' when referring to paper products.

  2. Such pretty designs! Love your blog!


  3. Well, I'm not a military child, but I do know what it feels like having to constantly make new friends, and having your best friend far away. It's great that you actually can keep in touch!

    And all these things are soooo pretty!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  4. absolutely LOVE this post. i was a military child (but only as a little kid!) and am now a military gf (going on 5 years... sheesh!) so I totally get the love of stationary! it's such a great/cute way to stay in touch with friends, i'm always sending little cards to all of my gfs who's guys have gotten stationed in other places!