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Change can be a good thing

As I scroll through all my social media this week and last week it is filled with (other than the ice bucket challenge) pictures of friends showing off their new dorm rooms and starting a new adventure at their new school. I remember saying by to my friends last year before I headed off to my freshman year thinking how weird it was to not see them every day passing thorugh the same halls as me.

I’ve had to say goodbyes so many times moving so much but going to college are a little different. You’re not just moving to a new town with your family, you’re moving to a new town, a new school, all.by.yourself.  It’s weird to wrap your head around that life from this point out will probably never be the same. Not only is it terrifying but it can be sad. I am not one for change so it’s a scary thought to think that your relationships with all your friends from with high school might change. And a lot of times it’s ineveatble. It was hard for me to understand that a lot of people change in college so the people I was friends with in high school I might not say friends with forever, and it’s okay.

It’s natural to grow apart. College is a time to figure out who you really are and for a lot of people this means that they change a lot. As hard as you try to text and make time for friends at other schools, it’s a challenging task. And not only is it challenging, it takes effort from both ends. It was hard for me to grasp that I might not be as close with my high school friends forever.

It’s hard imagine coming home and it being just like it was only 8 short months ago. But strangley, in those 8 months not only will you have changed, everyone else will have changed.

I found this quote Azar Nafisi that really epimizes everything I’m saying.

You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way again”

As I went home this summer and visited my old high school, as well as the old base I spent 3 years at it was sad to realize that I would never be able to go back to life like it was at one time living there. I missed some of the memories I had at these special places. But I have to constantly remind myself that change can be good.

Change can open up new door ways and lead you down new adventures.

It’s hard to walk away from a place you’ve made so many great memories but maybe it’s time to make new memories at a new place. As I dive into my sophomore year at college and would love to think that I’ll be friends with all the same people I was freshman year is silly. I know that I will stay friends with many of them but I’ll also make so many new frineds!

So as everyone is moving into new dorms and new colleges, or just a new school year like me, keep in mind that change can be a good thing.

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