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Easy Back-To-School Outfits

It’s hot, you have to wake up early, and you have aboslultey no extra time to stare at your closet for hours trying to find something to wear. I will be the first to admit, I love my sleep. If I can wake up 10 minutes later and still make it to class with plenty of time you can bet that I’ll be sleeping that extra 10 minutes. I try extra hard to take the time no matter how tired I am to pick out my outfit the night before but sometimes I simply can’t find anything suitable and go to sleep frustrated and push the task to the morning.

I have a few outfits that I have absolutely lived in this summer and I have a feeling that they will roll right into the school year. These outfits are super easy to pull off and accessorize while taking barley anytime to put together! My favorite part about these three outfits is that they are a combination of classic pieces that tons of people have in their closet and with a few simple accessories you can still look put together! Perfect for 8:30 classes when you simply roll out of bed and have 20 minutes to get ready!




Do you have any easy back to school go to outfits that you think you'll live in this coming school year?





  1. My go-to outfit looks a lot like your third option! Comfy and quicky, but still put together! :)

  2. Absolutely love look #1! Still summery, but warm enough for the cool college class rooms! Love it!

  3. No need to wear lots of clothes for school. All you need are key pieces that you can without much of a stretch blend and match. Here are some best idea for perfect outfit for school.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I also agree with you that always should wear those cloths which makes us comfortable. I find some good way to choose perfect outfit for school. Your post really helpful to make simply good look