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Game Day Dresses

 If you look at the numbers, I technically spent most of my childhood somewhere in the south. However, most of those years were spent living on a military base.  so, even though they were in southern states,  I wouldn't exactly consider it southern living. I didn't grow up wearing Lilly since birth and I didn't go through cotillion as a teenager. My mom is originally from Michigan and my dad from New Jersey, so we are in no way a traditional southern family.

When we moved to Raleigh for my junior year, it was the first time I wasn't living in a military town. It was then that I really experienced the south. I grew up going to University of Michigan football games (GO BLUE!) throughout my childhood, so I was totally blown away when I found out that people in the south actually dress up for football games. I was used to bundling up in as many maize and blue layers as possible while painting my face with big a block M. Not exactly how football works in the south….

So, right before I headed off to college, I bought myself a pair of cowboy boots (best decision ever) and embraced the idea of actually doing my hair (what?!) for a football game. Now that I've experienced a southern football season, I can say they are truly so much fun!! I’ll forever be a little confused why you dress up to see sweaty boys tackle each other on a field, but I’ll go with it if it’s an excuse to wear a cute dress and be surrounded by boys in bow ties ;)

The hardest part about football season for me is trying to find cute purple dresses. Who knew purple dresses were so hard to find?! I've literally spent hours looking for some. I rounded up some of my favorite game day dresses and broke them down by color depending on your schools' colors!

Navy // one | two | three
Purple // one | two | three 
Red // one | two | three
Green // one | two | three
Orange // one | two | three
Carolina Blue // one | two | three
Black // one | two | three
White // one | two | three 
Blue // one | two | three

Happy football season!





  1. I figured it out the hard way why we wear dresses to games! I wore pants to an afternoon game in early October and literally sweat through my clothes. I made my date take me home early so I could go shower! Haha! So when the humidity is high, dresses are your friend!

  2. YESSS! You put mine on there!! Can't wait to be dressing up for football games with ya soon!

  3. I grew up like you, wearing crazy layers and painting my face for football games. It's so crazy to think people wear dresses (I kind of like it though!). Love these dresses, gameday or not!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. Just found your blog and love it already! I'm a Michigan girl myself! Hail!