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Sophomore year, ready or not here I come

As I type, I just got out of my last non-shower shoes wearing shower for the next few months. 


Tomorrow (today as you read this post) I head off for my sophomore year at Furman! I honestly cannot believe I just typed sophomore. I still feel like sophomore in high school at heart. And it doesn’t help when you get mistaken as an 8th and 9th grader on a daily basis (another story for another time). The car is packed and my room is a disaster.

I have mixed feelings about leaving tomorrow, don’t get me wrong, I literally am counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until I am reunited with all of my fabulous friends at Furman and experience all the great adventures that await me back at school, but I don’t think it will ever be easy saying bye to my family, home, and puppy.

I have moved so many times and in some ways I feel like I’m always packing and unpacking from something. My home in Cary will be the longest home my family has lived in since I was in elementary school so we have all started to really feel attached. I am the first person to admit that I’m a major homebody. I enjoy staying home and hanging out in Nike shorts and a big t shirt and watching movies all day. Home is one place where I feel like I can take a deep breath, and I think that is one of the reasons I’m a little sad to leave. I know when I go back to Furman, I go from 0 to 100, and all of a sudden I’m so busy with school, clubs, school, friends, school, and occasionally sleep. There is absolutely no time for breathing. So it’s nice to come home and finally be able to fully relax. I’m already stressed about the stress I know is coming my way (does that even make sense?).

This summer was been much needed. I got to recover from an amazing stressful school year, catch up on life, visit family/ friends, go to NYC, see my best friend D from Hawaii twice (!!!!), intern with a fabulous company, cross some of the things off my to-do list that have been there forever, work on my blog, and catch some much needed z’s.

And now as the hours of my summer are down to single digits, I can only think of everything I didn’t get to this summer.  I think the uncrossed things on my ever growing to-do list is what makes me hesitant to go back to school. There always seems to be one more errand I could have completed, one more email I could have answered, or one more binder I could have made to prepare me the slightest bit more for sophomore year. But, I have to face reality and accept the fact that sometimes you can’t always be 100% prepared. I have to be realistic and remind myself that one errand isn’t going to change your sophomore year experience.

Sometimes you can never be fully ready for a new adventure. You just have to jump  (ie. pushed) into the pool head first ready to experience all the upcoming adventures life has in store for you!  

Sophomore year, whether I'm ready or not, here I come! 





  1. I absolutely love this!! I moved in yesterday to start my Sophomore year and as excited as I am, it's always hard to leave home! Good luck on your move in and with the semester!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. It's nice knowing I am not the only one that would rather have some more at home time. As you said yes I'm excited about seeing my friends again (and all the adventures) but I am one to already be stressing about the stress as well and I don't even start classes until Monday.
    I hope you have a great year Shannon :)

  3. I can totally relate to how you feel! Cheers to another great year of college!
    xo Tia | www.bigcitytyro.com

  4. Totally didn't know you were from Cary, I'm a RDU native myself!! Good luck in your sophomore year - can't wait to see what all it holds!

    Pick Your Beau