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Busy busy bee

This week I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I have literally had something scheduled for what feels like every minute of every day this week; an Econ test, French test, and 2 big projects! I started to think I should be scheduling some time to breath.

Alas, I just turned in my Econ test about 30 minutes ago and luckily my French test was on Monday so I finally feel like I have some time to sit.

Throwback to this weekend! Friday night, my sorority hosted our first function of the year! It was downtown in a super cool loft with a live band and lots of swing dancing. I gave you all a little sneak peak in my post on Friday about the dress I was wearing, but here are some pictures from the event! I swapped out the jack rogers for my cowgirl boots, which by the way were so much fun to dance in! My dress was pretty puffy at the bottom so whenever I twirled it spun out really big!

I have to admit, if you had told me about swing dancing before my freshman year, I would have looked at you funny and laughed. I had never done it before coming to Furman, but quickly realized that I needed to learn since it is such a big part of so many functions. It may sound kinda lame, but let me be the first to tell you, IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

I took my good friend Emory and we had a blast dancing the night away. He’s a super good swing dancer so I’ve decided I need to practice a bit to get my skills up to his level. I loved being surrounded by all the girls in my sorority and spending my Friday night forgetting about everything I had coming up the following week.

Saturday, I allowed my self to sleep in a bit and then I had to be up and ready to go spend a few hours working in the admissions office. I honestly could talk to prospective students all day. Nothing compares to talking about something you love so much and convincing someone that they could love it too.

Sunday was study day. I had chapter Sunday night and another sorority meeting in the afternoon, but other than that I spent the majority of the day in a classroom studying French.  A bunch of my friends and I took a big study break for dinner and ordered Chinese and YouTubed funny videos as a way of procrastinating from all the studying we were all avoiding.

Since then, the week has been crazy and go go go. With family weekend this weekend (yay!!!) I’m now trying to get ahead on school work,  because I know I won’t have any time to study this weekend.

The school year is definitely picking up! The air is getting crisp and everyday I see a new tree starting to change colors.  I’m psyched to pull out my sweaters and bean boots, but at the same time, I’m longing for summer with no homework and the pages on my planner crisp and white with no events written anywhere!




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