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Cowboy Boots

I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of cowboy boots right away. I was told I absolutely needed some for college football games, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of spending my money on a pair of boots I wouldn't even wear. However, I walked into my local J. Crew one day last summer and I saw one of the employees wearing an adorable little J. Crew dress and she paired it with cowboy boots!! I.was.sold! 

Surprisingly, I used them so much more than I ever thought I would. I even began to like them by the end of football season. I convinced my roommate to get a pair and we are now both hooked. Here in Raleigh "the" thing to do in the summer is get a Mega ticket, which is a concert ticket that allows you to go to all the outdoor summer country concerts. Hundreds of high schoolers (and tons of college kids) fill the lawn in their sundresses and cowboy boots and dance the night away (unfortunately often intoxicated). It's kind of a trashy mess, but if you go with close friends and enjoy the music, it can be super fun…definitely an experience.

When I was picking out my boots, we went to a local store here in Raleigh that has just about a million to choose from. In typical Shannon mode I knew exactly what I wanted and had a vision of what I wanted my boots to look like. Not too pointy in the toe, scalloped at the top, not too tall of a heel, and the perfect shade of tan. I ended up with a pair of Ariat boots and I am so happy I did.

I think cowboy boots are hard to pick, especially if you’re ordering them online because there are so many options. Here are a few pairs I would recommended, just in time for football season! 

This is from a country concert last year!

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What are your thoughts on cowboy boots? Are you sold yet?




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