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Giveaway! | Wooden 20" Monogram

Who doesn’t love a good monogram?!

After move in, when everything was all hung up and organized, we realized the space above my bed was really empty. It needed something. I reached out to our family friend, Meghan who makes so many amazing creative wooden creations to see if she would make me a monogram! I was so thrilled with how it turned out, that I asked Meghan if she would want to host a giveaway, and here we are!

We actually met Meghan’s family when they moved into the house across the street from us in North Carolina. I was only in 1st grade at the time and Meghan was in high school. I became the best of friends with her younger sister who was in 3rd grade and whose name was also Shannon! Meghan would babysit my brothers and I all the time and Shannon and I became practically inseparable. We stayed close family friends even when we left North Carolina and moved to Germany and continue to be close friends today! It’s crazy to think that I’m in college now and Meghan is married with the cutest little girl ever. It feels like just yesterday she was coming over to play games with us!

Meghan is so creative and I always wish I could be as crafty as she is.  You have to check out her etsy shop. I honestly cannot wait until I have an apartment of my own so I can decorate all my walls with her creations! 

The space in-between my headboard and my ceiling is strangely small so typically Meghan suggests a 20 inch monogram above a twin size bed, but since my bed is up so high I only had room for a 15”! However, because most people don’t have their bed raised like they do in a dorm room we are giving away a 20” wooden monogram!

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  1. That monogram is to die for!
    I wish I was as creative as she is!

    xoxo, SS


  2. That monogram is so gorgeous! It would look awesome hanging above my bed so fingers crossed!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner