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Labor Day

Labor Day is here! Which means my first (much-needed) long- weekend of the school year! I remember when I was younger and went to elementary school on the east coast of North Carolina I would get so insanely jealous of all my friends who had moved away (#militarylife) who got to start school after Labor day. So while I had already been in school for a few weeks, many of my friends who lived throughout the country were just about to start.

I don’t think I fully understood the concept that because we started earlier we would get out earlier. All I understood was that I was having to end my summer before everyone else.

I’m happy to announce now, at the age of 19, I fully understand the concept and I’m happy to go back to school before labor day if it means I get out a little earlier in the summer at the end of the school year. Since you're not "suppose" to wear white after labor day, I try to wear my white pants/ skirts/ shorts/ shoes one last time! 

Happy Labor Day!





  1. I'm so jealous y'all don't have classes today! I could certainly use another day to catch up on sleep, but alas I'm off to class!

  2. When do you get out of school for summer?

    In Canada, we generally start university after labour day and then we end sometime in April (depending on when your last final exam is).

    Lifestyle In The Clouds

    1. Depending on if you're in college or not but typically colleges in the US get out in May and elementary-high schools sometime in June! xoxo

  3. Shannon - love these blue and white picks! I'm trying to convince myself I need that swimmie in September. I totally do, right?

    Love from Texas,


    1. Oh Kate, you totally need it! That's the bonus of living in the south and having it so warm until late October! xoxo