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Turning a dorm into a home

Since you spend about 9 months out of the year away from home living in a teeny tiny dorm, it’s important to make it a home away from home!  The first time I walked into my dorm room last year I think I almost had a heart attack. The cinderblock walls made the room feel so sterile and cold and I didn’t think I could ever be comfortable there.


Before it was so dark and looked comparable to a jail cell.

 After! Bright, happy and homie!

My dorm room this year!

Luckily after we moved all my stuff in (and organized it) it started to feel a little bit more homie. I think there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to making your dorm room feel like a home away from home!

What did you put in your dorm room to make it more homie?




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