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What have I been up to lately?

It’s officially been about 3 ½ weeks since I moved into my dorm! Part of me thinks that that those 3 weeks have flown, but the other half of me thinks that they have kind of dragged on. I always struggle a bit jumping back into fall semester after being off for so long. I’m not the best at change and it always seems to hit me right when I've gotten comfortable in my current situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my school and I love the people here, it’s just hard to adjust to your new routine away from home and living on top of people again. I’m living on my sorority hall this year, which let me tell you, is so much fun. It’s terrible because I constantly just want to hang out with everyone in my pledge class which makes it very difficult to get work done sometimes.

My classes this semester are definitely challenging me. I think that’s another reason why the transition is so hard for me. I’m longing for summer where I didn't have a care in the world and got to go to my fabulous internship everyday and work on projects I was truly interested in. I’m longing for my bed at home, and my mom’s home cooked meals. Eating in the same place for 3 meals a day 5/6 days a week gets old. I’m longing for the days I wasn't stressed about Econ or learning a whole new language.

And part of that problem I recognize is me. I need to learn to ease up on myself and not put as much pressure on myself to succeed. Occasionally stress inhibits me from having fun because my head is literally consumed with memories of failing (okay, close to failing) my first French quiz or with all the econ graphs that I have yet to wrap my mind around. I have a legitimate fear of not succeeding in a class. I am fully aware at how irrational and ridiculous this sounds, but for some reason the thought of not doing well in a class makes me sick to my stomach.

However, I am learning that it’s impossible to be good at everything. I am learning that languages are not my thing, but I’m going have to find a way to make it through these next 3 semesters and I’m learning that Econ is not a field I would ever want to consider going into.

But on the positive side, I’m heading into this week with my head held high coming off of a fabulous weekend spent with my grandparents and good friend (and tridelt sister) Kayla! I decided basically at the last minute (I think sometime at the beginning of last week) that I needed a weekend away and that this past weekend was the only one that would work for a while. So I quickly booked a ticket and convinced my friend Kayla, who by the way had never been on an airplane before to come with me!

Kayla on her first flight!

We flew up Friday afternoon after classes and flew back Sunday afternoon just in time to make it back to my sorority chapter at 7:30! It was definitely a whirlwind of a weekend but so worth it. It was nice to get off of campus and sit on a real couch and interact with people outside the age range of 18-22. We got to go to a Michigan game (which are my absolute favorite) and as an added bonus, they won! GO BLUE!

But wanna know one of the best parts of my trip?

Let me give you a bit of background:
My grandpa owned a super cool medical company before he retired and was a bit of a workaholic. When it came time to retire I think the idea of it sounded a lot better than it actually was. He quickly got bored and decided that owning 13 dairy queens would be fun. So growing up I’ve gotten to make ice cream cakes in the back and in the summer we take almost nightly trips to dairy queen when we’re visiting.

Anyway if you know me well or read this post about me you would know I don’t like chocolate. Well because of this, it greatly limits my choices for blizzards. My all time favorite blizzard was a summer special when I was in probably elementary or middle school and it was the cotton candy blizzard. They only had it for the summer and when they stopped serving it I was so mad that I wrote a letter to the company, and even today, I may or may not be a part of the “bring back the cotton candy blizzard” group on Facebook, too much? Well we went to DQ Saturday night and THEY HAD THE BLIZZARD. I think I may have shed a tear or two.




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  1. I can totally relate to this post. Sophomore year was actually harder to get up and running than I expected! Classes are way harder and stakes are high so I can definitely relate to the fear of failure (and the sleepless nights worrying about it).
    xo Tia | www.bigcitytyro.com