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White after Labor Day

Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, I strutted out of my dorm in a bright white skirt.

Yes, I know the rule that you’re not suppose to wear white after labor day, but here in the south, when it’s still 93 degrees the day after labor day, it’s hard to follow that rule. So while everyone else may have said au revoir (I’m taking French this semester!) to their white pants and skirts, I’m not giving up on mine just yet.

Honestly, for summer, my white pants are my go to bottoms. They can be dressed up or dressed down and look oh-so fabulous with wedges! I honestly think they are a wardrobe staple, because they can be paired with items you already have in your closet! Mine are from J.Crew, but I’m currently lusting over this pair from Lilly!

These pictures were taken by my cousin (thanks Ty! Make sure to like his page on Facebook and check out his website!) right before we went out to dinner one night!

White Jeans (on sale!!) | Oxford Shirt | Bag (Kate Spade Old) | Watch
Bracelet | Wedges | Sunglasses 

So who is joining in the rebellious act with me? Be a rule breaker and rock that white after labor day!


  1. Sexy and freeeee! You are one rebellious hott mama!

  2. I love how classic this look is! That Kate spade is also too cute!


  3. I'm not a fan of the "no white after Labor Day" rule. I'll wear it whenever ;) Love your look!

    Constance || Prep Northwest