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4 J.Crew Pants You Need For Fall

I remember when we lived in Germany right when fall started to hit we would go online to Gap, Old Navy, Target, and my particular favorite Limited Too (before they changed the name to Justice! I’m so old!!). We would order over a dozen pairs of jeans, because that is the only pant I would consider wearing, and order each pair that I even thought were “acceptable” in multiple sizes. Because we didn't have those stores overseas, we didn't the luxury of going jean shopping in those actual stores, honestly it was probably for the best.  A few weeks later, everything would come in and most likely I loathed every pair except one. We would send the rest back and then my mom would order that one pair I liked in every color, so I would have at least 3 pairs of pants for the fall and winter season.

As I've gotten older, I have thankfully learned to like pants other then jeans! However, it has not gotten easier to find pants that fit me. I have abnormally short legs, and at only 5’1, it makes it difficult to find pants that aren't 6 inches too long. I decided to splurge my senior year of high school on a pair of J. Crew jeans and I haven’t looked back since. The best part is that most of their pants come in short, which is great for someone who is vertically challenged like me :)

With fall weather finally hitting, sometimes I find it hard to switch up my wardrobe. I feel there’s no alternative other than jeans. But with J. Crew’s selection this year, there is no way you can feel stuck in the jean rut! I literally swear by all of these pants. 

Pixie Pant | Imagine a super thick legging. It has a zipper up the back which makes them kind of cool and I feel like I can wear these without being self conscious about if my shirt is long enough to cover my butt. I consider them the formalness of real pants with the comfort level of leggings!

Andie Chino | Perfect cut, they come in so many different colors, and the best part, they’re not jeans!

Signature legging | The perfect legging. They are the perfect length and I wear them way too often. Now that it’s too cold for Nike shorts, what else would I wear studying and on lazy Sunday’s around campus?

Minnie Pant | This pair of pant can totally be dressed up or down! You can pair them with a nice button down and flats to dress them up and they would be formal enough for an interview or a meeting! They are pant material but have a similar tightness of a legging. They have a zipper on the side and have the ability of looking very professional.

What are your go to pants for the winter time?




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