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Classic fall esseentials

I swear one day last week someone just turned the switch from summer to fall. It felt like in one day it went from being 90 degrees to 60. It literally happened over night. I remember parents weekend last year and we were all sweating, like buckets. This past weekend it was in the 70's and at night we needed a light sweater! I have a feeling it's going to be a very cold winter....

I’m going to be honest, fall is not my favorite season. I'm much more of a summer and spring kinda girl.  However it’s hard not to love the leaves changing and the air becoming crisp. As sad as I will be to put away my lilly dresses, white pants, and sandals for the next few months, I have to remind myself that I now get to pull out my favorite sweaters, riding boots and lot and lots of scarfs!!

I think the secret for dressing in the fall (and for that matter winter) is layers. The hardest part about fall and winter is that you bundle up in sweaters and a big poofy winter jacket to walk to class and then you get to your heated classroom and you’re sweating under your 10 billion layers. I wear a lot of button downs and cardigans in the fall so I can easily take off layers once I’m inside.

Whenever I think of layering, I can't help but think of The Christmas Story and how many layers the mom put on Ralphie's little brother Randy to go play outside. Makes me laugh every time!

What are your go-to pieces in the fall?!





  1. Your fall essentials are perfect!

    It's not clothing, but pumpkin spice latte's are a must for me during autumn.

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies

  2. What a perfect post! Especially the socks, I love patterned socks! :)
    Zoe Grace

  3. Just bought my boots for the season! Now on to more sweaters and oxfords... great list! Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

    @ www.classic-collins.blogspot.com