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Dream Bags

Everyone has those dream luxury products. The things that they know the day you can finally afford it, you have really made it.

When I was in NYC over the summer, my friend Kelsey and I walked into a (really) upscale designer consignment store. It was filled with vintage Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, the list goes on. I was in heaven. I was also prepared to tell them that I would do absolutely anything to get my hands on either a Louis Vuitton speedy or a classic Chanel clutch.

I literally dream about both of them at night.

The monogram on the Louis….I can’t. And the classic look of the Chanel clutch…I’m obsessed.

So if anyone is feeling very generous, my birthday is April 23 ;)

What is your dream bag?


  1. Unfortunately I won't be sending a Speedy your way, but you have the same birthday as my sister...so at least I'm guaranteed to remember it!

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