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Everyday Jewels

My dad always makes the joke that I lean to my left side because the stack on my wrist is so heavy.  It’s totally not true, but I wouldn't doubt if it did start to happen because I rarely leave the dorm without a few pieces of jewelry on.

These are the pieces that I feel practically naked without. I have worn a watch for as long as I can remember. When I was younger it always took me weeks of searching for a new watch because I would become so attached to mine. They would always be digital and the rubber would typically fade in the sun every year. I always sport a fabulous watch tan in the summer too.

On the first day of my senior year, my mom got me this Kate Spade watch, and I swear I haven’t taken it off since. On typical class days, I pair my watch with my moon and lola preston bracelet and a simple pearl bracelet. I change up what kind of pearl bracelet, but I think it helps break up the gold and who doesn't love pearls?! Depending on the outfit, I almost always wear my monogram necklace and I refuse to leave the dorm room without pearl studs. This pair of Kate Spade pearls studs I ordered for my formal this past spring, but I have started to wear them on a daily basis because I love them so much!

When I feel ready to switch it up a little sometimes I'll add some fun bangles for a more colorful stack!





  1. I always love to see what other peoples jewelry essentials are & ours are so similar! My pearl studs (a gift from my fiance!) are always my go-to & I feel naked without them!



  2. These are all such incredible pieces of jewelry! I definitely need to add some more "everyday" baubles to my collection - most of mine are outdated "trendy" statement necklaces and such.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

    Marissa // www.makinitwithmarissa.com

  3. All of these pieces are absolutely beautiful, and work so nicely together!

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies