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1 Sweater, 2 Ways!

As you read this, I’m either preparing to take or taking my last big econ test before our final exam. So say a prayer for me that I make it through.

As it’s starts to get a little chillier every day, I’m slowly pulling out more and more of my sweaters. It’s that awkward time of the season when it’s freezing when I’m walking to class in the morning, in the 70's by mid afternoon, and back in the 40's once the sun starts going down. I never know whether to bundle up and just accept the fact that I’ll be sweating all afternoon, or to wear a short sleeve shirt and freeze all morning and again at night! The struggle is real.

As much as I love fall, I’m ready for the weather to stable out a bit so I’ll know what to wear everyday! I've been wearing a lot of sweater dresses and skirts with sweaters combos.

This sweater, I’m actually obsessed with. The color, the bow, enough said. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a Kate Spade kinda girl. I recently splurged on this pair of their jeans and I haven’t regretted it since. I love their bright colors and classic silhouettes, it’s all so perfect.

Most mornings I try to go for something super quick and easy to put together. Often times I just grab a sweater, slip on jeans and pair it with either flats or riding boots. Most mornings I have to force myself to even put that on, especially when I see my leggings and over-sized t-shirts sitting right next to them!

With this sweater, I paired it with jeans and my favorite pair of keds in one outfit and then dressed it up a little bit by throwing on a skirt! Perfect for class or for a more formal event like my Chapter meeting with my sorority!

Quick change and you can make this sweater go from formal to casual! It's also perfect for when it gets colder at night time.





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