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Netflix Favorites

When in doubt…netflix.

Seriously, sometimes I think Netflix is my best friend (sorry D). You never get in fights, it can entertain you at all times of the day, and is always just a few clicks away.  

I remember when Netflix first came out and I begged my mom to get the subscription. You would make a list of all the movies you wanted to see and they would send you another one off your list after you sent the other back. It was kind of a pain. I think that the choice to instantly stream movies/ tv shows/ documentaries is probably Netflix’s greatest decision thus far.

Honestly, when I’m at school I rarely ever watch T.V.. Seriously, probably once a month (if that). Occasionally we’ll have Friday movie nights, but never do I have time to sit down and flip through the channels.

When I’m not at school though…..that is a different story. Stupid reality T.V. is kind of a secret love of mine (#dancemoms #bachelor #littlecouple). 


These are just a few of my favorites. I would love to hear some of your picks! So make sure you leave a comment and tell me anything you think I forgot!





  1. Love this list! Netflix is the best!

    Lucy-Claire // sunnydaysandlovelyways.com

  2. Love the list. JIG is my favorite documentary of all time!

  3. I love love love Dance Moms! I wish they would put it on Netflix. Love this list!


  4. I love this list and am guilty of watching majority of them, although the parent trap will always be my favorite! If you liked Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill was great too!