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New iPhone Background!

As I write this I am sitting in my own bed watching reality T.V. eating a yummy breakfast my mom made. I am finally home for Thanksgiving. Finally. The last week and a half of school was rough (hence the lack of instas + blog posts). The amount of school work I had was completely and utterly overwhelming and you can guarantee that there were numerous breakdowns. To say it was a rough week would be an understatement. I felt like nothing was going right everything, in turn, was going wrong. On the theme of Thanksgiving though, I am SO SO SO thankful to have some absolutely amazing friends (like amazing is an understatement) who I know will always be there to cheer me up and lend any advice they have (or to even sit on the floor of a dorm room and eat Chinese food with me at 2 o’clock in the morning). We decided that we are going to start making each other repeat the line “You are not your GPA” over and over again until we actually believe it. Sometimes it's hard to remember that when your life revolves around school and you are upset over a grade and feel like your life is going to end because of one class (cough cough Econ, cough cough French).

I had a huge French test last Friday that I felt was completely hopeless. I studied until the wee hours of the night multiple nights in a row and I still felt like the information just wasn’t clicking. Sometimes it’s important to remember though that as long as you put in a 100% of your effort you shouldn’t be upset or disappointed with yourself. I often times need to remind myself that it’s impossible for me to get an A (or even a B) in every class in college and maybe French will have to be one of those classes!  I also have to remember that not getting an A or B in a class is not going to drastically change my future goals or aspirations. Everyone is going to come across hard teachers and in the end it’s important to realize that maybe instead of coming out of the class knowing lots of new information, maybe at end the semester you will come out knowing more about yourself. Hard teachers and not the best grades will make me work harder and make me understand more about what kind of teachers I work best with.

I’ve mentioned before that I work best with reminders and multiple to-do lists. A good place to put a reminder is your phone background. You probably look at it multiple times a day and it can serve as a good reminder during whatever you’re struggling with at the moment.

I am absolutely obsessed with this quote. As we head into finals, probably the worst week in the entire semester, it’s important to remember to let my faith be bigger than my fear. It’s okay to be a little intimidated by a big final but it’s more important to have faith in yourself.  

Instructions for the phone backgrounds |

If you’re on your phone: Click on the picture so it opens in a new tab to the original size. Hold down on the picture and save it to your camera roll. Go to your photos and then simply set it as your lock or home screen!

If you’re on your computer: Click on the picture so it opens in a new tab to the original size. Right click and save the picture to your computer and then attach the picture to an email and email to a email you receive on your phone. Open the email and hold down on the picture and save the picture to your camera roll. Then simply go to your camera roll and set it as either your lock or home screen!




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  1. I love this! Thank you!!