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Prep Avenue's Christmas List!

CHRISTMAS SEASON IS HERE. I literally couldn’t be more excited.  If you need a visual of how excited I really am, imagine Eloise on Christmas day. There is nothing about Christmas that I don’t love. Except for the whole exam thing…that really puts a damper on the whole holiday season. It takes valuable time away that I could be watching Christmas movies and sipping hot apple cider.

I got back from Thanksgiving break yesterday. Honestly I would show you a ton of fun pictures of everything I did at home but I really didn’t do much. I think I left the house a total of 3 times (aka put on something other than leggings and an oversized t-shirt) because of the crazy amount of homework I had. I basically sat on the couch the entire break and worked on assignment after assignment and project after project. I’m ready to sign a petition that professors can’t assign homework over breaks, who’s with me?!

This was one of the few times I did leave the house! My family and I went and picked out our Christmas tree!

However, it was nice to be at home and eat yummy home cooked food. It was such a tease though, now I have to come back for 2 ½ weeks and unfortunately take 4 exams. Not exactly my idea of fun. Luckily I do have some fun Holiday activities planned in there!

Back on the topic of Christmas…the past 2 weeks or so whenever I see something that I feel I just can’t live without I shoot my mom an email with the link and tell her to keep it in mind with Christmas coming up. She usually laughs and probably deletes the email, but hey it’s worth a try right? Well I’ll make it easier for you mom, here is a nice and neat compiled list (visual included) of everything that is on my wishlist!

Get ready for tons of Holiday themed blog posts coming up! I'm kinda obsessed with this time of year...

Comment below and tell me anything you think I should add to my list! 




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  1. What a great list! I LOVE those smoking slippers! Too cute!