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Printable Thanksgiving Gift

As the countdown in my planner until Thanksgiving break is slowly getting smaller it’s nice to remind myself what thanksgiving is all about. I’m excited to go home and be surrounded by my family and neighbors to celebrate this special (and yummy) holiday. Sometimes it fun to remind your friends how thankful you are for all that they do for you before you head home for the holidays!

I have the best of friends. I know they will always listen to me when I need to rant about a stupid class, I know I can go to them with any drama I have, I know that they always have my back, and I know that when everyone else doubts me, they are the people who will stand behind me 100%. And what better time of the year to tell them how thankful you are for them?!

Here is a fun little printable that you can click on and print out and wrap around a candy bar and give them out to your friends! It’s super easy, and the best part, super affordable!!

| Right click and open the picture in a new tab and then right click and press print! |

There are two wrappers per sheet and I created two different colors! So fun!




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