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Semi Formal + This Weekend

I’m always sad to see the weekend go, but at the same time I’m kind of ready to get this last full week out of the way before finally heading home for thanksgiving break. I leave for home next Tuesday after classes and 11:20 on the 25th cannot come soon enough. Even though I’m sure I’ll be stressed about exams the whole time I’m home, it will be nice to eat yummy food and be surrounded by family for a few days, not to mention work at a desk where I can actually spread out.

I've decided I have basically kicked into survival mode now. If I can make it through these next 7 class days I know that relaxation and my own bed are waiting on the other side! We’re not doing anything super exciting for the holiday this year, but it will be fun to not have any plans and to finally get around to doing some of the things on my to-do list that keep getting pushed behind homework.

This past weekend was hectic at times and relaxing at others. Friday night was my sorority’s semi formal!!! It was nice to have something to look forward to all week while getting through 2 projects and a big econ test. I got out of class on Friday at 11:20 (I love having morning classes!) and a small group of us all went and got our nails done! We headed back to Furman after grabbing a quick lunch on campus to do some random tasks (like putting in my next semester classes !?!??!) before we started to get ready!

A lot of girls from my pledge class (and their dates) all met up at the oh so picturesque bell tower before heading to dinner to get some pictures! I went with my friend Reed and we had a blast swing dancing the night away. I’m definitely not the best swing dancer but I have a blast doing it (that’s what matters right?!).

Dress: Anthropologie (old)

Saturday I worked Fall for Furman all  morning (and gave tours to perspective students……..in the 27 degree weather……! I love getting to brag about how great my school is and walking students and their families through campus. I even got to meet a Prep Avenue reader who just happened to be on my tour, how cool?!

After working for the admissions office all morning, I met up with some friends at the football game. Furman was playing Wofford (one of our biggest rivals) and we won! My toes went numb somewhere between giving tours and tailgating so I didn’t actually stay for the whole game because I’m convinced I would have gotten full blow frost bite and probably would have needed serious medical attention, but really. If this is just the beginning of winter and we have already had days in the 20s and SNOW, I’m a little concerned to see how the rest of winter will be…

After the game we cozied up back in bed and to (attempt to) do some homework. We quickly got bored and decided we needed an adventure. We decided to drive up to Paris Mountain to get a better look at all the fall colors! Paris Mountain is right in Greenville and overlooks our entire campus. It’s fun to go up there and see campus from a totally different perspective. Of course it was a prime opportunity for fun fall pics…

Saturday night we couldn’t convince ourselves to go have dining hall food for dinner so we headed downtown and ended up eating at this yummy Italian restaurant with the best cinnamon bread sticks for desert. We decided that it now has to become a new tradition.

Sunday, I did homework all day (because I didn’t really get any done on Saturday) and then had a 4 ½ hour long sorority meeting. Nothing too exciting.

This time next week I’ll only have two more days of classes and you can bet I’ll be counting down the hours until I get into that car and head back to Raleigh. Hope everyone’s  Monday is fab.u.lous.





  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! Kind of jealous! And how cool you got to meet a reader!

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    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. LOVE your face with the cinnamon breadsticks haha looks like a fun week! :)

    Genevieve // Oh Genevieve