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Weekend Roundup

And the countdown to Thanksgiving has begun. We officially have 15 days left until I get to go home and eat pounds of homecooked food and take as many showers without shower shoes as I want!

This past week was uber busy, but I mean let’s be honest what week isn’t?  And this week is going to be even worse! I have 2 projects, an econ test (say a prayer for me), and two interviews!

Let’s start last Friday! I got asked to a Halloween fraternity function with my friend Emory. After we spent over an hour googling “fun couples costumes” we finally settled on a slice of Pizza and a Delivery man! Emory already had a papa jones (?) polo that he found at a thrift store last year so it was perfect! I spent Friday afternoon after class making my costume! You can find the DIY here.

And then the craziest thing happened. Saturday we woke up….and there was SNOW yes snow on the ground. If you didn’t see my insta…

Anyway, this past week wasn't anything too spectacular. Just the same old same old. Tours, homework, French test, nothing too fun. We did however, get new golf carts this week for our tours! So if you are touring Furman anytime soon, shoot me an email and maybe we can meet up! (prepavenue@gmail.com)

Fancy right?!

This past weekend, there was a really fun America themed party that basically my entire my pledge attended and we all danced the night away!

Sunday, I basically did homework all day. #college

Now for what I rounded up this weekend:

Currently obsessed with this dress and this one too, both perfect for the upcoming holidays!

These earrings and sneakers are definitely on my Christmas list. 

A super fun DIY for a tool skirt!  (feel free to make me one too!)

Also, the new Taylor Swift album makes homework so much more fun. Especially this song. I may or may not know every word already!

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!





  1. I can't wait until Thanksgiving because of the amount of non dining hall food I can eat! That couple costume is also so adorable!

    Marisa | Florida Sun and Curls

  2. I just love your blog! It is the cutest thing! It sounds like you had a busy week!
    P.S. I LOVE the snow pictures! So pretty!