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10 Christmas Classic Movies

Before I left to come back to school from Thanksgiving I went through and set up probably 15 recordings of my favorite Christmas movies on my families DVR. That way when I get home (exhausted) from exams, I can sit on the couch and just have a Christmas movie marathon while eating lots of junk food of course. I have a slight obsession with the cheesy lifetime Christmas movies...

As good as the lifetime movies are they don’t even compare to the Christmas classics! Since I probably won’t have time to watch any movies at school between now and the day I leave I’ll just have to watch all 10 of these inbetween the 17th (the day I go home!) and Christmas day!

D and I used to have an annual tradition that on Christmas eve we would decorate a gingerbread house together and then watch Eloise at Christmas time! After I moved for 11th grade we decided we had to keep the tradition alive so the past few years we have been facetiming/ skyping when we watch! It’s one of my all time favorite Christmas movies and honestly, I don’t it will matter what age I am, it will never get old.

There’s just so many that I’m going to have to cram in a short amount of time! Somehow I think I’ll be able to pull it off though ;)

Here are some fun Christmas movies that are on Netflix:

What are your favorite holiday movies?





  1. Great list! I love Elf, but Home Alone never gets old! Still one of my favorites!

  2. The Grinch, Eloise, Elf and It's a Wonderful Life are all on my list but I love White Christmas and some Christmas TV episodes too (My So-Called Life especially!).