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1st Semester of Sophomore Year! (plus exciting news!!)

I'm officially done! I took a little break from social media, blogging, twitter during exams so I could buckle down and really focus but I'm so happy to be home and back doing what I love!

And just like that 1st semester of sophomore year is over. It feels like every semester goes by faster than the last. Most likely because it feels like every semester everything gets a little busier.  I remember back to August when I was lugging all my stuff into my new dorm room curious as to what kind of adventures this year would hold. In some ways move in day feels like it was just last week and in other ways so much has happened since then.

1st semester was full of ups.

Overall it was a pretty great semester with a lots of ups.....and a few downs but the majority of ups. I live on my sorority hall this year, which is SO MUCH FUN. Maybe a little of too much fun? I’ve learned that it’s absolutely impossible to get any homework done on the hall because it’s so easy to get distracted by everything that is going on. I have an amazing pledge class that I am so thankful for. I’ve gotten to know so many of the girls in my pledge class so much better living on the same hall and sharing a bathroom with them. Something about sharing 5 showers with 41 girls really bonds you.

1st semester was full of seriousness.

Something about sophomore year brought a whole new perspective to me. All of sudden it seems like everything is 10x more serious in comparison to the relaxed, laid freshman year feel. This year it felt like everyone started to really start thinking and worrying about their future, what’s my major going to be? Is it going to get me a good job after college? Should I consider med school, grad school? What am I going to do this summer, work? Summer Internship? How am I going to fit study abroad in my schedule? The stress level of thinking about “the future” seemed to rise about 1000 times. Some refer to it as the sophomore slump. Everyone is taking harder classes and all of a sudden the stakes have risen. I’m not ready to grow up yet!!

I scroll through my facebook and I’m reminded just how old I really am. I see people I knew from high school pregnant, married, and my draw drops. I don’t even feel old enough to take care of myself, let alone another human!!

1st semester of sophomore year definitely brought on a new level of serious that I wasn’t prepared for. Not in a bad way necessarily, just in a different way. It opened my eyes to just how old I am and how post-grad life is going to come way faster than I can ever imagine. I constantly think of those years after college and I like to believe I have a plan. Although, whenever I tell my mom my plan she just laughs because she knows probably half of it will change in the next 2 years. I have to remind myself that while I can create a detailed plan of my life for next 20 years, God has a whole other plan waiting for me and occasionally I have to let go and trust God’s plan is even more extraordinary.

1st semester was also full of lots of decisions.

Like I mentioned study abroad is something that has been on everyone’s mind lately. At Furman, most people study abroad Junior year (which is rapidly approaching). I am dream of studying abroad next year and pray that everything will work out in my favor. Study abroad programs are competitive, so it’s one of those things we’ll just have to wait hope it all works out. In the meantime Furman has these study abroad options where you can travel and take a class during the month of May. I am so excited to announce that I got accepted into a MayX program in my communications major to ITALY. I'M GOING TO ITALY!! I will be spending the entire month of may traveling throughout ITALY. I am overwhelmed with excitement and ready to fast-forward to the day I get to board the plane with my boarding pass in hand!

1st semester was full of memories....

Move- in day with my sweet roomie (of 2 years!), Emilee! See more of my room here!

My friend Kayla and I flew up to Michigan to visit my Grandparents at the last minute to see a Michigan football game!It was so much fun to get away for a weekend and see my favorite team play!

Family weekend, always a highlight of the year!

Lots of hikes with sweet friends!

Numerous tailgates and Furman football games.

More TriDetlt functions....Semi!!

More hikes with sweet friends...

Ended the semester going ice skating with the best group of girls anyone could ask for!!

I'm ecstatic to see what kind of fun memories are waiting to be made 2nd Semester! 





  1. Oh my gosh Italy! I am so excited for you, you are going to fall in love with Italy. But if we don't meet up for coffee in Florence I will be so disappointed! I promise to take you to the best coffee spot in town. Email me when you get a chance, I have so much to tell you about Italy!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in Italy! I am going for two weeks in August and could not be more excited!!
    xx, Catherine www.preppybythesea.blogspot.com

  3. You will have an amazing time in Italy! I've been a few times and I am always searching for excuses to go back.

    I like what you said about having your plan, but knowing that God ultimately has the best plan. It's true! While it's pretty silly to not think about the future or plan at all, we need to keep in mind that our plans are secondary to God's plans for us. Thanks for that reminder! :)

    Sweet Spontaneity

  4. Congrats on Italy! It sounds like a great semester!

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