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Christmas Crafts!

Some of my pledge class sisters and I were talking yesterday about the amount of crafting we have to do over Christmas break. We all get “littles” for our sorority in January and I absolutely cannot wait! We have a big/ little reveal week where we leave baskets of gifts for them outside their room in the middle of the night so when they wake up it’s sitting outside their room for them! Usually they’re filled with all kinds of crafts, canvases, picture frames, t-shirts, and lots and lots of glitter. It’s hard to make everything in the midst of classes so a lot of girls try to craft all of their gifts over break so they don’t have to worry about it when big/little week comes around!

I love crafting but I’m not exactly the best at it. I’m wayyyy better at navigating Photoshop/illustrator type art. However there are some super fun (and easy) crafts that I wish I had time for at school. In my dream world, I would spend December sipping warm apple cider, watching every Christmas movie under the sun, making gingerbread houses, creating Christmas crafts, baking Christmas cookies, and volunteering around my town (because that’s what the Christmas season is all about, right?!). Christmas time is my favorite time of the year so if I wasn’t spending half of it studying for finals I would be attempting these crafts:

Tell me your favorite Christmas craft!




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