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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls

This year I feel like the Holiday season completely snuck up on me. Partially because I feel like every year stores start putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier and every blogger I know was posting gift guides before even Thanksgiving! Although…. I do have to admit I may have started listening to Christmas music (I couldn’t stop myself from the Hilary Duff Christmas Pandora station) I don’t really consider the season to start until after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time people!

Well now that we are into December I say now is the time to go all out! If I could I would deck out everyday between now and the 25th in head to toe red and green and wear a different ugly Christmas sweater and my favorite $5 Christmas earrings everyday. Buttttt I think I would get some pretty funny looks. And let’s be real, during exams next week I’m probably not going to put on pants with buttons once.

I’m excited to share with you all some of my favorite picks for girls this year! Some of the items included are things on my wishlist and others are items that I think could make some really great gifts for a variety of people! I’ll have some more gift guides coming out in the next few weeks so keep an out on those too!

Tell me what you think would make a great gift this season! I need gift ides!!




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