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Weekend Reading

I always get a little sad the day after Christmas. Now we have to wait a whole year before the day comes around again! That’s okay, I have a feeling 2015 holds some super exciting adventures for me!!

Christmas at our house was great. Super relaxing and laid back. We haven’t been home for Christmas since my junior year of high school so it was nice to spend the day at home with family. We woke up, opened presents, ate a big breakfast, and went for a walk (I roller bladed!) around the lake near my house! I spent the majority of the day in my Christmas jammies and I was totally okay with that!

So happy to be home with my brothers! Make sure you're following along with me on instagram and twitter!

Weekend reading:

We lost our waffle iron in one of our moves so we recently just bought a new one! We found this video and were totally inspired! Which one should I try first?

I'm short, it's no secret. I'm only 5'1 so I'm constantly struggling to find clothes that fit right. This article is so.much.help. Especially where it compares kid sizes to adult sizes!

This Christmas proposal......adorable. 

Currently obsessed with this blog. Book me a plane ticket to Paris tomorrow please?

If you need a little inspiration...this girl is the definition of inspiration. Take the time to watch this video if you haven't seen it. AMAZING. 

Debating spending my Christmas money on this....should I do it? I need your thoughts! 


  1. I adore that Kate Spade watch, the navy would match virtually anything and it is a fun twist on a classic piece!
    xx, Catherine || www.preppybythesea.blogspot.com

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  3. I can't wait to check out those waffle iron recipes! And I LOVE the styling tips!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

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  5. Umm. Yes to the waffle iron. I saw the tutorials for the brownies and the cinnamon rolls and pretty much died. Looks like I'll be buying a waffle iron to test these out.

    Courtney | The Everyday Elegance