Friday, August 29, 2014

History in High Heels Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Instagram or saw my blog post on Wednesday, you probably saw a peek into my dorm room! I was so excited to finally share it with all of you! I kept getting comments and emails asking when I would post pictures, and I’m so glad they’re finally up!

I’ve always had a fascination with prints. Last year I had two hanging above my bed but clearly that was not enough for me. This year I was so excited when Ashley from History in High Heels agreed to collaborate to design some new prints for my dorm room. Right away she instantly understood what I was going for and came up with an amazing collection of new prints! My bed is situated in a little cubby this year so I hung all of them right above my bed. They are all hung up with command strips and I still wonder to this day how anyone survived decorating a college dorm room without them.  This is what the design plan looked like. I would say they look even cuter in person!

My mom and I found the wooden oar at home-goods and I painted it before I left! It was so easy and something everyone can do! It was a nice 3D addition to my little gallery wall.

The walls in my dorm room are cinderblock so the prints really add a great splash of color to the cold cream walls.

Ashley was so sweet and so much fun to work with. I'm excited to announce that we have teamed up to giveaway one lucky reader three of the prints of their choice we designed together (not including the nantucket print). 

Make sure to enter! 




Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dorm Room | Sophomore Year

I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE WITH YOU MY SOPHOMORE YEAR DORM ROOM. Can you hear the excitement in my voice?! Or at least imagine it! I moved in this past week and classes start tomorrow (mixed feelings about that part).

I’m excited to see what kind of adventures and memories my roommate and I will make in this new room. I am rooming with Emilee again this year, so it alleviated a lot of stress since we already knew that we lived well together! I loved my room last year, but I was ready to move on and start a new year with some fresh ideas!

Last year, I had a bright and busy Lilly Pulitzer duvet cover and I loved it. However, this year I wanted something a little simpler and softer because of the uber small space I was moving into.  Since I had a duvet cover last year, I could keep the same insert and just get a new cover! I’m living on the TriDelt hall this year and unfortunately our rooms are even smaller than last year, so I had to do some major organizing!!

Due to the shoebox size dorm room my mom (AKA my interior designer) and I decided I needed something with a little less color and something more sophisticated (because I’ve changed so much in the past year?).

In the beginning of the summer, I was all about a pink and gold room but as the weeks went on I changed my mind and decided that a pink, navy, and white theme would work better for the space. I even gave you all a little sneak peek in this post!!

My vision was to have a majority of white and navy and then have pink accents throughout the room! I thought this would make for a cleaner and simpler result. I am thrilled with the way it turned out and thrilled to share it with all of you!

All photos by my fabulous friend and hall mate Kayla Cartee :)

Room Details 

Email me if you have any questions and come back on Friday to learn all about my prints over my bed and a super fun giveaway :) 




Monday, August 25, 2014

New School Year iPhone Background

Freshman year is a big adjustment, no matter if you’re a freshman in college or a freshman in high school. Last year (especially first semester), just like many other freshman, I had trouble adjusting to my new life in college. I was trying to find a balance between academics and a social life and I was struggling. I was so stressed and so tired all the time. First semester, I spent basically every waking moment outside of class in the library trying to get ahead, striving for perfection; something that is totally impossible.

Second semester, I did a much better job of balancing social life with academics and as a result, I enjoyed school more and had so much more fun! I made it my mission to spend just a little less time in the library and a little more time living. I think first semester fear was holding me back. I was scared what would happen if I got a B on an assignment instead of an A. I was scared what others would think of me. I was letting fear stop me from enjoying my college experience.

So this coming school year I want to continue to focus on finding that balance. I’m not going to let fear get in the way of having fun! Now this isn’t to say that I’m never going to go to the library or wait to write my 10 page paper until the night before because I wanted to go out the night before, but I think it’s important to remember to take breaks and have a little fun. For me, and I know others, that can be hard sometimes.

I have mentioned before that if I have a certain goal I want to strive for, I set a picture of it to remind me. Let’s be honest, you’re phone is something you always have with you, and you look at all the time, so having a goal set as your background serves as a constant reminder of what you’re working towards. As we start the new school year I think I need to remember this quote. It can be easy to fall back into the library grind and forget about prioritizing, especially in the beginning of the school year when you are overwhelmed with your new work load.

Instructions for the phone backgrounds |

If you’re on your phone: Click on the picture so it opens in a new tab to the original size. Hold down on the picture and save it to your camera roll. Go to your photos and then simply set it as your lock or home screen!

If you’re on your computer: Click on the picture so it opens in a new tab to the original size. Right click and save the picture to your computer and then attach the picture to an email and send it to an email account you receive on your iphone. Open the email, download the picture and hold down on the picture to save the image to your camera roll. Then simply go to your camera roll and set it as either your lock or home screen!




Friday, August 22, 2014

Game Day Dresses

 If you look at the numbers, I technically spent most of my childhood somewhere in the south. However, most of those years were spent living on a military base.  so, even though they were in southern states,  I wouldn't exactly consider it southern living. I didn't grow up wearing Lilly since birth and I didn't go through cotillion as a teenager. My mom is originally from Michigan and my dad from New Jersey, so we are in no way a traditional southern family.

When we moved to Raleigh for my junior year, it was the first time I wasn't living in a military town. It was then that I really experienced the south. I grew up going to University of Michigan football games (GO BLUE!) throughout my childhood, so I was totally blown away when I found out that people in the south actually dress up for football games. I was used to bundling up in as many maize and blue layers as possible while painting my face with big a block M. Not exactly how football works in the south….

So, right before I headed off to college, I bought myself a pair of cowboy boots (best decision ever) and embraced the idea of actually doing my hair (what?!) for a football game. Now that I've experienced a southern football season, I can say they are truly so much fun!! I’ll forever be a little confused why you dress up to see sweaty boys tackle each other on a field, but I’ll go with it if it’s an excuse to wear a cute dress and be surrounded by boys in bow ties ;)

The hardest part about football season for me is trying to find cute purple dresses. Who knew purple dresses were so hard to find?! I've literally spent hours looking for some. I rounded up some of my favorite game day dresses and broke them down by color depending on your schools' colors!

Navy // one | two | three
Purple // one | two | three 
Red // one | two | three
Green // one | two | three
Orange // one | two | three
Carolina Blue // one | two | three
Black // one | two | three
White // one | two | three 
Blue // one | two | three

Happy football season!





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