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Jeans: The Perfect Pair

I think I’ve finally figured it out. The age old jeans mystery that I’ve spent all of my teenage years trying to figure out. You see when I was probably middle school age I couldn’t find jeans that fit for the life of me. When we would come back to the states (I lived in Germany at this time) my mom and I would go store to store looking for jeans that 1. I liked, and 2. that fit me.

*I also went through this weird phase in elementary school that I hate jeans and would only wear skirts and dresses, with super fun and crazy tights of course. Don’t worry; I’m well past that phase now. *

If you want in on the secret, read on.

I think when the dr. told me in 8th grade that I was done growing my mom finally agreed that she would allow me to start buying nicer jeans that would last me longer since we knew I wasn’t getting any taller than 5’1. I totally think jeans are an investment. If you find a well made pair, that fit you perfectly I think they’re worth it. Jean are something that are never going to go out of style so it’s important to a have a pair that you can always go back to.

So here’s my recommendation for jeans and what I’ve found to work best for me (and comfort is definitely one of my ‘must haves’).

For flats | J. Crew (toothpick jean)- J. Crew has always been my go to for classic pieces like jeans. However, there jeans aren’t super skin tight and so they don’t make great boot jeans. They do however look fabulous with flats. You can most likely find the perfect length (I don’t even have to get these hemmend!!). I typically go for the toothpick style, but the matchstick is a little wider in the leg and is another great option. Both come in numerous washes too!

For boots | Anthropologie  (AG jeans)- These jeans are literally like slipping on leggings. I swear there is no difference. I have practically lived in this this past fall/winter. They are really tight (but stretchy) on the leg so they are perfect for tucking into your boot without have them bunch up at the top of your boot. If you have tons of problems with that, try these! I can't emphasize how comfortable these are. 

For special/ dressier occasions | Kate Spade (Broome St. Denim)  – I only have one pair of Kate Spade jeans and I used all my birthday money to buy them LOL. They rock because they were the perfect shade and length. Plus they have adorable details like pink stitching on the inside and a little gold spade on the back pocket. I typically save these for nicer occasions like dinner downtown since they look a little ‘dressier’.

Everyday | Gap (stretch & recovery destructed legging) – So to be honest I don’t have a pair of Gap jeans because my pair that I had from here were so old and had a few holes in them so I had to get rid of them. However, in the past I have always had a great experience with Gap jeans. They always have multiple options for washes and styles. Tons of my friends have had great experiences with them too!!

What is your secret to jeans?





  1. My favorite jeans are from the Gap and Madewell, but you can never have enough pairs!

  2. The J.Crew toothpick jeans are my FAVORITE! I need to try Anthro legging jeans... I bet I would like them, too!

  3. I love your picks, my go-to's are from American Eagle and Old Navy (I'm still paying for college, so right now that's all I can afford!) But one day premium denim will be on my to-buy list!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista