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Sleepover Every Night

There are honestly some days where I’m in love with college. Don’t get me wrong, there are also days when I’m ready to book a one way ticket to NYC and find a job. But, every once in awhile you have those really good days and it just makes you love where you are in life. College is fun. I live on a hall with some of my absolute best friends and it honestly is like a really great sleepover every single night.

I learned quickly living on a hall with all my sorority sisters that it was a terrible place to be productive. When you put all 41 girls from my pledge class together the last thing we are going to be is productive. I come back from the library most nights and without a doubt there is almost always a group of girls doing something fun (occasionally this includes roller blading up and down the hall....shhhh!). I leave the library absolutely exhausted from the day ready to go back, shower, and climb into bed. Without fail, instead I end up surrounded by great friends, cramped in a tiny dorm room, laughing my head off way too late.

It’s something that takes time to get used to. At first college can be overwhelming and a lot of people have a hard time managing their time. It's also hard to get used to having very little alone time. However some of these little moments that happen everyday are going to be your favorite moments of college. Like when we had a silly string fight in my dorm room freshman year, or when we crammed 12 people in my room to have a movie marathon on a snow day.

College takes time to adjust to. For me, it probably took the whole first semester to realize just how much college rocked. But by the time I came home over Christmas break my freshman year, I realized just how much I missed having my friends literally 3 steps away. I often take it for granted; these small memories we’re making everyday. It’s a special time in my life and there’s probably not going to be another time in my life where I live within steps of all my best friends. I’m going to miss the chaos that happens when everyone is getting ready for formals and functions and I’m gong to miss girls walking up and down the hall yelling to see if anyone has a black heel in a size 8.

College really is a sleepover every night. That hall community is so special and something so easy to take advantage of in your day to day life. It’s when I go home that I realize just how much I miss it. I hate having no one to talk to about my day as I fall asleep and I hate how quiet it is. College makes me never want to be alone!

So whether you’re a sophomore living on a great hall like me, or a senior in high school preparing to go to college, remember to cherish these moments. Anyways, we only get 4 years here, might as well make them memorable!




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  1. This post makes me miss college terribly, you will make friendships that will last the rest of your life.