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Spring Break Travel Essentials

Spring break is right around the corner, hallelujah!! FRIDAY COULD NOT COME FAST ENOUGH.  It feels like it has been absolutely non-stop since the beginning of the semester and I've never been more ready for a brain break. I apologize for the lack of posts last week, I had a paper, a midterm, a quiz, and a presentation. Luckily, they are all over now and I can finally breathe!

Whenever I envision spring break, I always envision warm weather and beaches. But, in reality our Spring Break is in early March and unless you go to Florida or farther south. it probably won’t be incredibly warm. Last year I spent Spring Break in NYC so it was the last thing from warm and beachy!!

However, for all you lucky people who are heading to warm weather, here are my spring break essentials! Make sure to comment on this post and let me know where you are headed! I want to hear all the cool places everyone is going! I am heading home on Friday for a nice relaxing (and probably chilly) week in Raleigh. I'm super excited to catch up on all my favorite T.V. shows and eat my little heart out with home cooked food :) 

Tell me about your spring break plans!!





  1. I am heading to HHI, but still have 2 weeks to go. I cannot wait to get to warmer weather! I'm hoping since it's still 2 weeks out it will just give more time for it to warm up!

  2. Love your spring break travel essentials! Sadly I won't be traveling for spring break but I am headed to Florida in April for my 21st birthday! Counting down the days :)

    Hope you have a fantastic, relaxing week!

    Xo, Rach
    Seashells + Sparkles

  3. I really love the monogrammed bikini! I wish I were heading somewhere where I could wear one, but I'm staying in the snow-covered mitten (Michigan) :/ But catching up on some much-needed zzzs!



  4. A camera and a cute cover up are definitely a must, plus a great pair of sunnies!

  5. I love your blog Shannon. I was wondering if you could bring back your ootd tab. I love seeing your daily outfits! :)

    I am going to Furman at the end of March with my family and I am so excited. What are your recommendations in terms of restaurants? Thanks.