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15 things I Would Tell My High School Self

I'm officially done with my sophomore year in college....what?! 

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was moving into my freshman dorm? I got home from school late Tuesday night after packing up my entire dorm. As we drove back into town we passed by high school and it was weird to think that it's been a full 2 years since I was a high school student. High school was full of so many memories but I've also learned so much about myself since then. 

1. Take challenging classes but also take classes that interest you! 

If you have to drop an AP or honors class to take an art class you're passionate about, go for it.

2. Sometimes going with a group of girls to prom is 10x better (and 100x more fun) than going with a stupid boy 

Even if everyone else in the school is bringing dates...nothing compares to dancing around crazily with your best friends and not having to worry about impressing anyone or your embarrassing dance moves :) 

3. Go to sporting events 

Some of my all time favorite memories are from high school basketball and football games. I miss the Friday night lights and the entire community coming together. 

4. Join a sports team

Nothing compares to the feeling of a team. It taught me how to be a team player and I met some of my very best friends on my tennis and lacrosse team.

5. Run for something

Whether it's president of your class or secretary of the Art club! 

6. Appreciate home cooked meals

Becuase in college...you will miss them.

7. Avoid Drama

It's just not worth it. It simply causes stress and it's no good for anyone. 

8. Focus on your relationships with your girlfriends

9. Thank your teachers

My high school teachers are still some of my favorite role models. Every once in a while you are extremely blessed have the opportunity to get taught by someone who will change your life. Teachers don't get thanked enough, so make sure you remind them how much they mean to you. (You will also probably need them down the road to write you letters of recommendations so be sure to keep in touch with them!) 

10. Your SAT scores do not define your self-worth

Trust me, they don't. I am living proof. 

11. Who you sit with during lunch doesn't determine your future success 

True story: when we moved up to Raleigh my junior year I drove home every single day (not exaggerating) to have lunch with my mom because I didn't have any friends at school

12. Get a job

It's important to learn what hard work feels like. Plus it's great to put on your resume that you've had work experience and who doesn't like $$$$?!

13. Change can be good thing

I promise it will make you stronger in the end. 

14. Don't sweat the small stuff 

Whether its college, boys, prom, or a sports team, it all always works out for the best. 

15. You have SO many great times ahead of you

And most importantly, I would tell my high school self,




  1. Aw, I love this post. I'm feeling really nostalgic too. I'm doing a five-year program, so I have have 3 more years. I don't want to be a real adult!

  2. I definitely agree with getting a job, it puts you in the right state of mind for college/post college years and you'll know the value of making your own money.

  3. Such great advice! Especially for a high school sophomore like me!

    - Ruth S. | reallytrulyruth.com

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