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My Second Home

So I hate to brag in this post, but I’m totally going to brag about how much I love my school.

I have mentioned before (and I’m sure it’s obvious through a lot of my pictures) just how much I love my school. I’m an ambassador for the admissions office (which means I give tours to prospective students). Talking about Furman 3 days a week to prospective students and telling them about all the fabulous memories I’ve made at my school and the kinds of opportunities they could also have at FU always serves as a reminder just how much I love my school.  

Furman holds such a special place in my heart and I’m so thankful I found a second home. I put myself back into the shoes of those prospective students often and I know first hand how difficult it is  having to decide on where you want to spend the next four years of their life. I was extremely torn between two schools and even though I'm able to see how perfect Furman was for me now, I couldn’t see that 2 years ago. After nights spent stressing and sobbing about choosing the perfect school, I’m confident I made the right decision.

I know Furman isn’t for everyone, and I think one of the most important aspects to focus on when choosing a school is fit. Where do you see yourself? Where do you feel the most comfortable? Where do you think you’ll fit in with the student body? For me, that place was Furman.

While I could rave about how beautiful Furman’s campus is, how great downtown Greenville is, or how individualized our education is, I always end my tours explaining that the main reason Furman is  so special is the people that make up the Furman community. 

The entire campus has become my second family. The student body is incredible and I have never been more motivated to follow my passions. Everyone is so driven and I am so thankful to be surrounded by a student body who is equally concerned with their academics and being involved in campus life. I have met so many of my best friends here and I don’t know how I lived with out them!

On top of the amazing peers I’m surrounded with  professors that are just as great. I’ve never had a professor who I wasn't comfortable asking for help (and I always do) or going to see them during office hours. They commonly invite students over for dinner or to babysit their kids! They put our education first and I’m so thankful to be taught by some of the brightest professors in their respective fields.

The feeling of community is what makes Furman so different than all other schools. I was stunned coming in as a freshman and having so many upper classmen reach out and truly want to get to know me. Although they may or may not have been super intimidating at first, I soon realized their genuine personalities and I’m so blessed to call so many people outside of my class my friends.  It’s great to have so many role models to look up to and to go to for advice.

As a military kid who moved every 3 years and haven’t been in the same place since for more than 3 years since elementary school I am so excited to spend 4 years at a place like Furman.

I always encourage the kids I give tours to ask yourself where feels most like Home to you? Although I didn't get a sense of Home right when I walked onto Furman's campus I felt the potential of calling home. I felt comfortable there and I think that's one of the most important thing when deciding on a college. 

Summer is a time of adventure (as well as a break from the constant stress of schoolwork) but at the same time Furman has changed the meaning of summer for me. Summer's since Furman have been bittersweet because you have to say bye to a campus that you love so much as well as friends that have become your family for the past 8 months. Although I'm ecstatic to study abroad in Italy this fall I'm also looking forward to being back at my second home next spring. 

If you ever have any questions about sweet Furman never ever hesitate to ask me any questions! I love answering questions about one of my favorite places! Same for tours, if you are ever touring Furman I would be happy to meet you and answer any questions, maybe I'll even be your tour guide!



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  1. I'm so glad you love it! My friend who attends Furman loves it as well!