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Favorites Places in Italy By City!

We moved from city to city when we were in Italy. We would stay in each place for a few days and then pack up and take either a train or a bus to a new city. As much I would have liked to stay in some places a little longer it was so much fun to see so much of Italy in 2 ½ short weeks!

Typically in each city we would arrive and the first full day we would spend it together as a group and take a full 6-7 hour walking tour of the city. As exhausting as they were it was so nice to hit all of the main sites in one day and get oriented with the city. Following that day we would have a few free days where we could split up and do whatever we wanted! We also had some scheduled lectures/ workshops in those days. Some days we would use them to catch up on our school work and go sit in a coffee shop and get some homework done. Although, we really tried to spend as much time exploring the city we were visiting as possible (and minimize the time we were doing schoolwork ;)).

Proof we had class:
Class with a view! Not too bad of a set up if you ask me!

Those free days were lifesavers. With a group of 26 girls we all had totally different ideas about how we wanted to spend our time. It was so nice to split into smaller groups and do things that interested us! A few of us even got adventurous and made some day trips from the city we were in.

I broke this list down by city we were staying in and wrote down my favorite memory from each city!

Amalfi Coast: I was really determined to find some place to take a picture of the city from above. A few of my friends and I turned off the main shopping street and took multiple random staircases and honestly had no idea where they would lead us to. We ended up walking through an area where all the locals live and we got to the top and came out on the side of the mountain in front of the most adorable houses with the most amazing view ever. It was so worth turning off the main street. Definitely something I’ll never forget.

Naples: Unlike all the other cities that we spent the a few days in, in Naples we just spent one day here doing a group tour and seeing all the main sites. It wasn’t my favorite city we visited, but I have to admit out of all the pizzas I ate while I was in Italy, Naples by far had the best. If you ever go, you have to get the pizza. Honestly, the pizza itself made the trip worth it. 

Rome: Rome was a city that I loved more than I ever would have imagined. It may have even been my favorite out of all the cities we visited. I had been to a few places in Italy before and I honestly thought that Rome would just be another big city, but it was the farthest thing from it. I fell in love with it. The mix of history and culture was fascinating and I could have stayed in Rome for months. One night we were out exploring late and walked to the Coliseum at night. It’s all lite up and it was absolutely breath-taking. Something about how quiet the city was and the lack of tourists I felt like I could actually see the Coliseum in all it’s Glory, and boy was it magical.

My friend took this picture of Rome at night! How cool is it?!

Florence: If you haven’t seen enough pictures of the pink Vespas here another. Although I keep saying how much I loved riding a Vespa through the countryside, I really did love it.  It was the perfect way to see and enjoy the countryside of Italy. I got to ride through the Tuscan vineyards and experience Italy via Vespa. Is there any better way to see the Italian countryside?

Venice: Venice was our last stop. I had seen so many pictures on pinterest of Burano and all the colorful houses that make up the island so I decided before I even flew to Italy that a day trip there was an absolute must. You can easily take the Vaporetto (the water bus) to both islands and although they can take a little while I think it was totally worth it. We did both in one day, which is what I recommend.

Murano is where all the glass making takes place. You can see demonstrations of glass makers blowing glass into different pieces and they have tons of shops lining the island with every glass object you could imagine. It was kinda cool to see and if you have free time I would definitely recommend it.

Burano is known for their brightly colored houses and let me tell you it definitely didn’t diapoint. The houses were so fun and I already have my perfect pink house picked out on the island. Once again, we headed off the main street and opted to take some small side streets to really explore the island and see all the houses! We took sooooo many fun pictures and I’m pretty sure we were all ready to move in by the end of the day. The island also has some cute shops and cafĂ©s which made it even more fun!

Where are your favorite places in Italy?




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