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Paris Snapshots

The city of light (aka Paris) is a magical place. Every street seems to be more picturesque than the last and the smell of cappuccinos fill the air from the thousands of adorable cafes lining the cobblestone streets. 

Although from my instagram, it may look like I spend the whole day wandering the city and eating my weight in croissants (which I have done) I also work, everyday.  Having an internship is a full-time job and definitely not all play. I am super thankful though to have the nights and weekends off to explore this magical city !

In case you don't follow me on insta, here are some fun snapshots I've taken so far! 

Au Revoir from Paris!





  1. Amazing photos! I hope you're having fun in Paris!

    Caiti | Shutterblush

  2. Paris is so magical! Totally jealous that you get to do an internship there but so glad you are making the most of the experience!

    xo Mary-Katherine
    gold-hatted lover