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A Day in The Life of Prep Avenue (Paris Edition)

Spending the summer in Paris (and in Italy for a short time too!) has been a surreal experience. While it has had its ups and downs, it is no doubt going to be a summer I remember forever. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be interning at Condé Nast International (the magazine publishing company that owns Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair, Allure, and so many more!) in a million years. It just proves that you should always aim high, because you never know where you could land. Hard work, determination, and persistence always pays off. :)

I'm interning in the Brand Development department which means I get to help with lots of digital advertising/ projects and social media for all the magazines that Condé Nast owns! Going from 2-3 classes a day to an 8 hour work day, 5 days a week is an adjustment, but one that I have enjoyed! It's cool to get a taste of the working world! 

My internship and my time in Paris is slowly wrapping up, but the things I have learned this summer will stay with me forever! I have learned so much about big companies, how they run, digital strategies, branding, and everything in between. But in the midst of it all, I have also learned about myself. I have learned how to live in an international city on my own, I have learned to enjoy my alone time, I have discovered a new industry, I have fallen in love....with Paris (hehe) and I have learned how to be completely independent! 

I thought I would provide you with a little insight into a regular work day in the city of lights! While interning in Paris sounds super glamorous, I promise a 40 hour work week is about 90% exhausting and about 10% glamourous.  

7:40- Get up! 

Fun fact: I actually have an intense fear of my alarm not going off so I set about 5 or more alarms in 5 minute increments. It's just one of my many quirks.

7:50- Actually get out of bed :)

I'm not really someone who repeatedly presses the snooze button. I usually wake up on the first alarm and then lay in bed and check my email/ insta/ a few blogs/ Facebook. Anything to stall getting out of bed!

7:50-8:10 - Hair/ Makeup

I don't wear much makeup but I put some of my favorite products on and try to tame my crazy thick hair!

8:10-8:30 - Get dressed/ maybe pack myself a lunch!

With limited space to bring to Paris, I could only bring so many clothes. It was quite the challenge. I had to bring a variety of clothes; work clothes, causal clothes, work out clothes, needless to say my suitcases were very, very full. It kind of depends on the day, but occasionally I"ll make my lunch before heading out to work and eat it in the park!

8:40- Leave!

Head out to work!

8:45-9:05 - Breakfast

There's a little breakfast in the dorms every morning with some of the other kids and I usually grab a fresh croissant and tea!

9:10- 9:40 - Metro time!

I have about a 30 minute trip on the metro to work everyday. I take 3 (!!!) different metros and usually spend my time reading. It's actually one of my favorite parts of the morning!

9:45- 1:00 - Work

Work work work work! Like I mentioned, I'm an intern in the Condé Nast Brand Development office! I get to help out with lots of different projects, social media,  and contact some pretty cool brands!

1:00 - Lunch

Somewhere around 1 I usually take about a 45 minute lunch break! Sometimes I'll walk to the park and read while I eat or other times I'll sit in a little local bakery!

1:45-6 - Work

The final push! I work until about 6 everyday and continue to help with numerous projects and all the different things going on in the office. I love love love my internship and all the projects I get to work on, so it really doesn't feel much like work.

6:15-7 - Metro

Meto back! I don't usually get back to my dorm until around 7 because the metros are so busy at rush hour! Luckily, it doesn't get dark here until about 10:15 so I still have plenty of daylight left!

After Work

This is where my days kind of change from day to day. Some days I'll go back to my little dorm room because I'm tired and when I decide to head back to the dorms typically I'll work out for about 45 minutes, come back to my room, shower, make something for dinner (usually pasta or chicken because I don't know how to cook anything else!), possibly watch some Netflix, do some blogging, and head off to bed around midnight!

In case you're wondering what my little dorm room looks like!

It's a good size for a dorm room and I don't have a roommate. I have a small kitchenette to the left of my little dining room table (with the Lucky Charms my mom so kindly sent to me!) that has a mini fridge, a stove top, microwave, and sink! I also have my own bathroom which is a nice change from sharing a hall style bathroom like I did at school!

It really was the perfect size and I didn't need anything bigger, especially because I was only there for 2 months. Obviously I wasn't able to decorate it like my past dorm rooms but I did bring some washi tape over and printed some pictures before I left so I could hang them over my bed! It took up no space in my suitcase and added a little piece of home when I was so far away. 

That's my typical little Parisian day!





  1. I am so jealous that you got to spend all summer in Europe! I am dying to study abroad over there!


  2. This whole experience sounds AMAZING, and I love your little dorm room! I hope I can intern abroad some day!