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Blush Obsessed

I got home from Paris on Saturday night and it's been go go go ever since. I am still fighting jet lag (work up at the glorious time of 5am this morning) but am slowly getting used life at home again! It's nice to sleep in my own bed and get to see all my family!

Recently I've been loving this blush color. I mean I have always loved pink, and I love all shades, but this shade in particular I've really been drawn to recently. It's very light and feminine and I've decided that I want everything in a blush shade, please. 

What color are you loving recently?





  1. I have those pink striped shorts in blue but now I wish I bought them in pink too!

  2. For me it's been this gorgeous dark coral color, but I'm loving the blush! The nail polish is so pretty, I want it. As for the jet lag, that was me when I got back from Europe about a month ago so I completely understand!


  3. That Kate Spade bag is beautiful! It would be absolutely perfect for spring time :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista