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So when I imagined this post, all I could think about was Oprah’s favorite things every year and my mom and I sitting around every year watching them together. And of course wishing we were there.

But it was always so interesting to see all of Oprah's favorites every year. I always thought about it as  a little insight into her personal life. I thought it would be fun to tell you all all my favorites as a way for you to get to know me better!

Nail Polish Color: Essie's Fiesta is always my go to!
Summer Activity: A day spent on the lake tubing and wake surfing!
Face Moisturizer: Obsessed with this Kiehl's moisturizer right now!
Sunglasses: I've had these for years now and couldn't imagine a more perfect pair!
Chapstick: I think I have a Aquaphor chapstick in every purse...
Shoes: Probably these flats! They're so comfy and versatile! 
Sports Team: Michigan Wolverine fan to the bone! GO BLUE!
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-a, duh
Netflix Favorites: Either Gilmore Girls or How I Met Your Mother! See some of my other favorites here!
Animal: Probably a flamingo because they're pink :) 
Song: Not sure if I could ever pick one! But this one is definitely up there!
Magazine: Vogue
Clothing Brand: Toss up between Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer
Type of Food: Italian 
Pandora Station: Depends on the mood, I love 2000s Pop and Country Love Songs!
Social Media Platform: INSTAGRAM.
App: Ellen's Head's Up or Time Hop or Pinterest :)
Season: Spring
Artist: Taylor Swift
Breakfast food: Monkey Bread

Now, unfortunately I’m not going to be giving away free cars or vacations in this post but I still thinks it’s fun to read about what everyone favorites are! I want to get to know my readers better too! In the comments tell me your favorite:

Ice Cream Flavor:
T.V. Series:
Nail Polish Color:
Summer Activity:

I can't wait to hear what your favorites are!

Au Revoir!




  1. This is such a fun post; first of all-I'm a huge Chick-fil-A fanatic as well ;)

    My favorite ice cream flavor is tiramisu :)
    Read: Anything by Phillipa Gregory
    T.V. Series: One Tree Hill or Gilmore Girls!
    Movie:Gone With The Wind or the Notebook
    Nail Polish Color:Bubble Bath by OPI
    Summer Activity: Anything on the water or just laying by the pool


    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Ice Cream Flavor: coffee
    Read: SO hard for me to choose just one, but one of my favorites is Every Bitter Thing is Sweet
    T.V. Series: either Gimore Girls or Greys Anatomy ... or Downtown Abbey (another hard choice!)
    Nail Polish Color: a blush pink (any brand will do!)
    Summer Activity: reading and seeing friends

    xx, Sydney

  3. Aw! This is such a cute post! I always love reading about people's favorite things!

    Ice Cream Flavor: Brownie Batter
    Read: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
    T.V. Series: Either Gilmore Girls or The Office
    Movie: Les Miserables or Funny Face
    Nail Polish: Essie Bikini So Teeny or Essie Geranium
    Summer Activity: Spending the day at the beach


  4. Ice Cream Flavor: stracciatella
    Read: On ne badinne pas avec l'amour by Musset
    T.V. Series: pretty little liars
    Nail Polish Color: coral pink
    Summer Activity: beach, beach and more beach

  5. I play tennis (All-Region this season!) and I would LOVE to visit the University of Michigan soon! Definitely one of my college choices.
    - Ruth S. | www.reallytrulyruth.com

  6. Loved reading your list of favorites! Here's my answers.
    Ice Cream Flavor: Moose Tracks or cake batter
    Read: YA contemporaries, anything by Emily Giffin
    T.V. Series: Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars
    Movie: Pitch Perfect
    Nail Polish Color: currently Essie Flowerista
    Summer Activity: swimming, bonfires

  7. Loved the dress!!!


  8. Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee or Cake Batter
    Read:Not sure, but The Kite Runner stands out
    T.V. Series: Gossip Girl & House of Cards
    Movie: Napoleon Dynamite
    Nail Polish Color:Essie Sand Topez
    Summer Activity: Boating and going to Forest Park in St Louis

  9. Ice Cream Flavor: Cake Batter, Coffee, or Mint Chip
    Read: Anything Medical Related- Gifted Hands by Ben Carson or Hot Lights, Cold Steel by Dr. Mike Collins. I also love Joan Rivers books and the book The Royal We
    T.V. Show: Grey's Anatomy, Boston Med, NY ER, and The Real Housewives
    Movie: Cheaper By The Dozen and anything funny
    Nail Polish: Ballet Slippers or Candy Apple Red
    Summer Activity: Playing tennis and swimming and going away on many vacations:)