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I've gotten a few emails lately asking me for blog advice and asking where I get my inspiration from. Some days are harder than others, but this summer I've gotten lots of inspiration from my time abroad and from Pinterest!

I try (really hard) to keep a running list in my phone of blog post ideas. Often times I either run out of ideas or decide an idea I did like when I came up with it, I don't like anymore. Recently I've been loving Pinterest. I've always liked the website and occasionally browsed it on my phone when I'm bored, but a lack of inspiration and a need of ideas has led me to a new found love of the site.

I honestly could spend hours and hours looking at all the pretty pictures. I went through this weekend and found some great new accounts to follow and now I'm dying to hear about every one else's favorites!

The beautiful typography, picture perfect landscapes, and an endless sea of inspiration has left me with a list of ideas for new projects. 


Some of my current favorites that are inspiring me! If you're having some lack of inspiration Pinterest is always a great source! I hope I provided you with some inspiration today for your passion. These are just a few I stumbled on that sparked some great new ideas! Please feel free to share what inspires you!





  1. I feel like I get away from Pinterest in the summertime because I don't always have the weekend time to hang out by my computer, but I always use twitter once it gets a little chillier out for menu ideas and fashion.

  2. I love all of these pictures, but my favorites would have to be the pink Vespa and the donuts!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  3. I love the first picture! I'm starting to use Pinterest more and more to look at room projects for this year!


  4. I'm in love with the picture with the flowers and the tractor. SO gorgeous:)


  5. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I'm always on it. Pinterest is where I get a lot of my inspiration from! :)