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Reading List

I lived in NYC for about a month before my freshman year when I was interning in a fashion show room. There were 2 other interns with me and we lived in the same building so we would always take the subway back and forth together. Plus my subway ride was pretty quick.

This summer I’m living on the left bank and my work is on the right bank (right near the Arc de Triomphe!) so my commute is a bit longer. It takes 3 different metros (!!!) e and me a little over 30 minutes every morning to get to work. With no cell phone service to scroll through Instagram or pinterest, the rides got pretty boring. About 2 weeks ago I made a quick weekend trip to Germany and noticed they had a few books in English in the airport so I bought one and decided it would be perfect to read on the metro.

I have never been much of a reader. I am never someone who sets aside time to read every night or stays up because they’re reading something they just can’t put down. I am always able to put a book down. But there’s something about being totally immersed in a story and I’m realizing how much fun it can be again!

The last time I honestly remembering loving to read was in elementary school when it was a competition to see who could get the most AR points. Now, all because of my metro commute to work I have created a list of books I want to read! A lot of them are fashion related (because obviously I love clothes) so I think they look super interesting! Having no cell phone service for a few minutes every day can be a magical thing.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Yes Please | The hilarious Amy Poehler’s first book! I’ve heard that this is absolutely hilarious and if you are in need of a good laugh, I think this will be it. 

The Woman I Wanted to Be | Diane von Furstenberg's book about the woman who she wanted to be and her reflections on her extraordinary life.  

I’ll Drink to That | Written by a former personal shopper at Bergdorff's reflects on her career with socialites and celebrities and how she was able to help shoppers find themselves through clothes. 

Champagne Supernovas | A history of the fashion industry told through the lives of legends such as Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss, and Marc Jacobs.  

Always Pack a Party Dress | Written by the fashion director of Barneys New York, Amanda Brooks inspires girls to find their individual style through her witty, candid voice. 

Not That Kind of Girl | A collection of stories about all different kind of girls and their experiences and life lessons!

Have you read any of these? How were they? I need recommendations! 





  1. I read Amy and Lena's books and they're both really fun summer reads. I definitely would recommend them for anyone headed to the beach and looking for something lighthearted to enjoy.

  2. Not that kind of girl is on my reading list as well! Currently I'm rereading 1984.

  3. I LOVE AMY! "Parks & Recreation" got me hooked on her.