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Words to Use More Often

As words are getting shorter and we’re coming up with acronyms for basically everything, I feel like we’re losing so many fun words! While in Paris, I’ve really been trying my best to listen to the language and take in as much as I can. It is such a beautiful language that flows so nicely and sounds so pretty!

Although we might not have the prettiest language, English has some really fun words too that people definitely don’t use enough! I have a little obsession with typography and words so I’m always looking for fun words to play around with in different fonts. I saw something on pinterest about words we should use more often so I thought I would make my own list. These are some of my favorites that I think we can all agree need to be used more!

Some of them are just too fun not to use?! Like why don't I use dillydally and scrumptious on an everyday basis?!

Got to skedaddle, until next time, :)




  1. Love this post--it's absolutely darling!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. This is an adorable post! I love words and will definitely try to incorporate some of these into my everyday vocabulary :)

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  4. dictionary.com has a word of the day-and has an audio pronunciation. Today's word is flumadiddle. I love using words too.